Campus Information

Dhupuma Barker is an independent school in the Gunyangara community of East Arnhem Land. Opened in April 2021, the School offers 35 Yolŋu children from Kindergarten to Year 6 a bilingual education with a culturally relevant curriculum specifically designed for this community.

The Yothu Yindi Foundation (YYF) invited Barker College, Studio Schools Australia, and Melbourne University to partner on a whole-life education project that provides on-Country learning for Yolŋu people from early childhood education to university.

Students at Dhupuma Barker have access to quality primary education and are provided with educational opportunities without having to leave the community.

Blending the Australian Curriculum with traditional Yolŋu teachings, Dhupuma Barker will build students' English language skills with a foundation in Yolŋu Matha - empowering these young people to walk in two worlds with dignity and confidence.

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